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Modern medicine -despite’s wonder drugs, amazing technologies, and revolutionary procedures- has lost its touch. The physician’s time with the patient is severely rationed. An assistant takes the vital signs and condenses the patient’s carefully-considered description of his symptoms into a phrase or two. The physician rushes in, looks at lab results, prescribes, and rushes out, often without ever touching the patient. (In an extreme instance, when my wife went to a doctor about a sinus infection, he never got closer than ten feet away. )

A visit to Violet Flame Medicine is not like this at all. When you enter the nicely decorated office you are in a welcoming sea of calm. There is not a backlog of patients waiting for their few minutes with the caregiver, because Arica spaces appointments with room to spare. A session begins with her listening carefully to the reason for your visit or checking on how things have gone since your last session. There is no rush. You know that Arica sees you and is considering exactly what it is that you need. You also sense her competence, centeredness, and enjoyment of her profession. She takes notes to help her remember the session.
Only then do you go into the procedure room where your comfort -both physical and mental- is always a top concern. Questions and feedback are welcome. Her responses are thorough and thoughtful. I strongly recommend the longer session which includes massage after the Acupuncture. It reinforces the effect of the needling and is tailored from her repertoire of techniques to apply to one’s specific needs.
After the session there is time to discuss the session, and perhaps for Arica to make some recommendations for what one might do or read before the next session.
I always leave feeling great, and happy that I have found such a delightful, caring, health care provider.

Daddy Bob


Arica Olson is an amazing practitioner! I’ve been dealing with Bell’s Palsy for over 8 months and decided to give acupuncture another try. I’ve also tried massage, and cranio-sacral work, in addition to regular chiropractic appointments. After my MRI ruled out any other issues, my doctor recommended her and I am very pleased with the experience and the results.
I chose the 90 minute session which includes acupuncture, moxibustion, and massage. What amazed me was that she is in the room the whole time with you. Each session has been different, as she is strategic in the placement of the needles, depending on what needs the most attention at the time.
Our second session focused more on my facial muscles/nerves and I can see more improvement already! I like that she is able to explain the placement issues when there is discomfort so I can understand the need to work thru the discomfort. Then she begins the moxibustion, which is more relaxing (for me), and has a great aroma. By the second treatment my body was already showing increased responsiveness. After this treatment she massages the head, the feet and the back.
My goals for healing and relaxation have been met in both sessions and I look forward to more! I plan to keep a regular schedule even after my recovery. She also provides a “superbill” for insurance which is helpful.

Nada Yorke


I've received many acupuncture treatments over the last 30 yrs and Arica at Violet Flame Medicine is right up there in medical competency and trust. I find her treatments, including needling, moxa and massage, to be very beneficial for my general well-being. The acupuncture session lasts for about an hour and is held in a private room with Arica never leaving your side. She attends to your every need and has a pain-free technique when it comes to inserting the needles in their proper place. I highly recommend her for the treatment of chronic pain, mystery illnesses, energy concerns and general men's health issues. She is also quite knowledgeable with Chinese herbs and has recommended a few promising formulas for me. Thanks Arica, I'll be back!

Logan Blackstone


I was referred to Arica by a client of hers when we moved to Sequim a year ago. I had leg cramps and a very tight, painful hip. After a few sessions the pain was much improved. Then recently after moving to a new house, I strained my shoulder. Nothing seemed to help much. I tried massage and Chiropractor. I went back to Arica and again, after a few sessions my pain was gone. I feel so lucky to have found her and she is definitely on my resource list since I have recurring muscle pain. Not only is she medically knowledgeable, she is a caring and compassionate person.



I saw Arica in 2019 for TMJ pain and experienced much relief after just one visit. Within 3 visits it completely resolved itself. I go regularly now for "tune-ups" and other issues that respond well to her treatments, which include recommendations for herbal tinctures and teas. As I relax into the needling, I can totally feel energy moving through congested meridians.
Arica listens carefully to me; she is gentle and intuitive, and yet the needling, moxa and massage are so powerful. The sessions are quiet and meditative, but as questions or sensations arise, Arica is open to discuss what she perceives, and kind about describing what she's doing.
For anyone looking for an acupuncturist, or wanting to try acupuncture for the first time, I highly recommend a visit to Violet Flame Medicine to see Arica Olson.

Pamela Williams-Gifford


Arica is professional, kind and caring. Arica takes time understanding your health history during consultation. My appointment was healing and relaxing, I felt very comfortable throughout. She is a knowledgeable acupuncturist and I am grateful to have found her. Looking forward to future treatments!



I have found Arica to be kind, caring and professional. I always feel better when I leave her office. I've recommended her to several people

Patty Hannah


Arica is by far the best acupuncture practioner in my experience. Her reception and treatment rooms are relaxing right from the get go. I could seriously take a nap on her heated treatment table. I feel as though I have had a spa experience after a session. As lovely as that is I am grateful to be getting relief from pain thanks to Arica's expertise.

Julianne Campbell


Violet Flame Medicine has literally changed my life. The benefits I've received from acupuncture under Arica's care have been positively transformative.Her bedside manner is calm and caring. I highly recommend her to anyone in pain or dealing with anxiety. I'm a very active 70 year old and I thought my days of hiking, kayaking, biking and chasing my grandson around were over due to all the pain in my neck, back and sciatic nerve. I'm now pain free and enjoying life. I'm a forever client of this miracle worker. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

Deborah York


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